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With the company revolving around whimsy, quirkiness and the language of flowers it seems only natural that, as we tell your story, it should be incorporated into the company name… and everyone knows that the way to begin a good story is… Once Upon A Time…

From there, using the language of flowers, the link between ‘Time’ and ‘Thyme’ was simple, even obvious! Our company name quite literally begins telling you a story using the language of flowers, unlocking a unique hidden message…

The herb, thyme, has a fascinating history and represents so much that was apt in Once Upon A Thyme’s development. Not only that, but for every type of occasion, be it wedding, funeral, christening, birthday or company launch, thyme and what it symbolises has characteristics reflecting them all.

The Greeks felt it represented style and elegance, definitely two traits one would wish to create for an event such as a wedding!

Romans ate thyme to protect themselves from poison and soldiers also exchanged thyme sprigs as a sign of respect. Sprigs of thyme were often burned to evoke a spirit of courage, much needed when starting up a business. In Medieval Times, it was often given as a gift to protect men going into battle.

The Egyptians and others of a similar period believed that thyme was a powerful aid to those making their way to the next life, a companion to the grave.
During the Black Death, people used thyme for relief and protection. Thyme (in both senses of the word) is also a powerful healer, except the herb version has actual antiseptic properties!

Then, of course, we have the Victorians who, with their language of flowers, added a mystical twist to the properties of thyme believing a patch of wild thyme in the woods was an incontrovertible sign that fairies had danced the night away on that very spot. Perfect for a company wishing to capture a bit of fairy tale quirkiness!

So there you have it… a little insight into how powerful the language of flowers can be. How a simple, tiny herb can be indicative of so many influential theories throughout ancient history. So many believed in the herbs properties and the positivity it brought. Once Upon A Thyme- Floral Design wishes to mirror such qualities when telling your story. Knowing what thyme represents and what the company aims to achieve, and how, Once Upon A Thyme unsurpassed any other name, it encompasses both the beginning and telling of our own story.