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October is upon us! 

The smell of wood-smoke rising from the chimneys, the first frost where everything sparkles in the early morning sunlight, the gorgeous autumnal burnt oranges and golden yellows, the sniffly, tickley, coughy COLDS! 

Unfortunately I’ve succumbed to the lurg that has been floating around, as has, rather inevitably, the poor boyf where his cold has manifested itself into man-flu.  

Now, what on earth has this to do with flowers? I hear you ask… Where as I can grab a couple of paracetamol or sudafed, the boyf is unfortunately allergic to all things painkillery and as a result has to resort to natural remedies. 

Which got me thinking about all the types of flowers that hold medicinal properties. 

If you were to look out around your garden or in the common hedgerow the number of flowers you would see that have healing qualities is really quite amazing. 

From my previous blog we know a favourite of mine, thyme, heals things such as a sore throat and eases arthritis. 

Achillea Millefolium, or more commonly, Yarrow, was historically used to heal wounds on the battlefield. Something I’ll definitely remember as my way of recalling ‘Achillea’ is with word association ‘I’ll Kill Yah!’ and (slightly less dramatically) Yarrow is also used to help a headache. 

We probably best know Chamomile in the form of an herbal tea. The tea is believed to relieve a runny nose and sore throat – a cup of that right now would be lovely! 

The beautiful Echinacea is part of the daisy family, daisies are such a happy flower and always make me smile – which is rather apt as echinacea is beneficial for oral health. Not only that it’s great for the immune system too! 

Another one of my favs is lavender! It is a fantastic antiseptic and anti-inflammatory but it has wonderful healing properties with mental health as well, easing anxiety, insomnia and creating an overall wave of calm.

Spanning centuries as well as cultures it is astounding just how many flowers have healing properties, however I shall leave the list there for today. 

Now, I’m certainly not saying go out and pick a flower to chomp on if you’re sniffling like me at the moment! But herbal teas and oils are a fab way of incorporating natural remedies into your healing routines. Give it a try!

I’m off to run a steamy, olbas oil bath (100% natural; peppermint, eucalyptus, cajeput, wintergreen, juniper and clove oil!). Hopefully it will help shift this cold! 

In the meantime, enjoy the stunning and vibrant autumnal colour palette that’s out there – that’s pretty darn healing too.