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Thank you for popping by!

If you are inspired by Once Upon A Thyme ~ Floral Design and wish to tell us your story, well, we cannot wait to hear it…

Although we are nestled in the countryside near the Cambridgeshire~Lincolnshire~Rutland border, we are no strangers to travelling near or far.

Please do not hesitate to give us a bell, ping us an email, or go old school with pen and paper (because who doesn’t love receiving exciting post!) we look forward to chatting about your plans.
07494 486074

send us your story

When it comes to payment, here at Once Upon A Thyme, we try to make it as easy-peasy as possible for you. You’ll receive an invoice which you can pay in various ways, which ever you prefer…

From PayPal to bank transfers and even cheques ~ you name it! Therefore making it as stress free and secure as possible for you.